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Early last year my husband established a staph infection after an operation on a nasty break on his elbow. He was subsequently recommended a series of antibiotics to clear that infection which can turn nasty, even lethal, if not treated. While I see the overuse of prescription antibiotics, certainly any application of medical drugs, with suspicion, we were grateful that something as effective as this specific antibiotic saved him from likely severe disease and even death!

Medicines absolutely have their location and doctors and drugs integrated can achieve marvelous miracles. When a severe headache strikes me, I take any NSAIDs that provide me relief. However then, I have not had a severe headache in years, which’s due to the preventive nutrients I take.

I think medication, prescribed or over the counter, should be just for severe emergencies and ought to be seen with an excellent dose of regard.

Consider that many medications, while frequently plant-based, are primarily a chemical mixed drink targeted to a specific use and impact. They are produced in laboratories to be system-specific, suggesting that they are directed toward a particular health problem or to a specific part of the body. Their preparation includes private molecules or mixes of particles being drawn out from a plant or substance as an “active ingredient,” then combined with other, mainly artificial molecules (produced artificially by chemical suggests) and related “fillers” and made into tablets, capsules or liquid.

Regrettably many, even most of these medicines, have, in addition to their designated purpose, exactly what we know as “negative negative effects.” They might make us feel so much better by alleviating the condition from the initial problem, however then often unleash foreign substances into the body that can trigger brand-new problems. For instance Aspirin, the all-purpose medication used for many conditions, will, ultimately, cause ulcers in the stomach lining, calling forth brand-new discomforts that cry out for healing.

Usually, medications minimize and even eliminate the symptoms we challenge, the pains and discomforts, but they hardly ever recover the underlying reasons for the problem, hence enabling recurrence of the initially dealt with dis-ease.

That’s where natural nutrients can differ dramatically.

Natural nutrients, be they vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, juices, and so on are, the name says it all, based upon Nature. While not all aspects originating from Nature are healing (poison ivy can make that perfectly clear. If you have actually ever reacted to that plant you understand what I imply!) those compounds that are, have the tendency to spread their healing ability throughout the body, balancing and recovery the whole body. The focus here is on the system, the whole body.

This balancing and recovery act produces a condition called homeostasis, which suggests it develops a stable state of equilibrium, or balance throughout your body.

State, your cholesterol level is well over the 240 mg/dL danger level and headed greater and you and your physician choose it’s time to “do something” and so he or she prescribes medication such as statin drugs that undoubtedly lower your cholesterol level down to a better level. Your original issue of high cholesterol is now under control, but now you might be dealing with the negative adverse effects from the statins. These can be substantial varying from liver and kidney damage, irregularity, sleep conditions to mental confusion and many other uneasy, even debilitating conditions.

By contrast, natural nutrients, as in entire, unadulterated foods and natural dietary supplements, work to stabilize the entire body; they are pan-systemic, meaning they are health-promoting for all the systems in the whole body and best of all, there are no negative effects from taking them! Hence, plenty of positive side effects – but not unfavorable ones!

As long as a healthy balance is preserved in your body and individual cells are supplied with the nutrients they need for optimal performance and as long as they are flushed clean of built up toxic substances, your danger of contracting a significant illness is greatly minimized. modalert

Living a healthy lifestyle can definitely help you in staying on this side of health; but if medical drugs are really necessary,– take them, but just for as long as is clinically suggested as required!

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